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We invite you to the world of food trailers that break all records in terms of brilliance and prestige! Our Food Trucks are absolute wonders of craftsmanship that catch the eye from a distance thanks to their amazing gloss like a mirror pane. These are not ordinary food trailers – they are symbols of luxury and perfection. Exceptional manufacturing quality ensures that our Food Trucks outperform the competition in length! Their unique design puts them in a completely different league, attracting the attention and admiration of both customers and competitors.


Start a new era of culinary triumphs with our Food Truck with an amazing glow that amazes from many kilometers! When you choose our Food Truck, you know you are choosing the best. We will dazzle you not only with our professionalism, but also with an unforgettable experience that you will provide to your clients. Let your catering services become a legend and our trailer will be an inseparable part of this story!

  • Mobility and flexibility: The food trailer, which can be attached to any passenger car with a hitch, gives you unparalleled mobility and flexibility.

  • Low transport costs: By using a small food trailer, you avoid the need to rent a truck or a special vehicle for transport.

  • Wide range of customers: Thanks to the portability of the small food trailer, you can reach a wide range of customers. No matter if you are at the market, in the park or at a sporting event

  • Increased visibility: The Summer food trailer is visually very attractive and attracts the attention of passers-by. Use this fact to promote your brand and products

  • Low running costs: Compared to a traditional food court, a small food trailer offers lower running costs.


matt stainless steel


stainless steel




heater, pump, tanks for clean and dirty water


switchgear, wiring, sockets, switches


hanging lamps by the sales window




14 inch aluminum alloy wheels


2 layers of insulating cotton, 2 cm thick

A trailer in a size that fits you

Our catering trailers will meet even the highest requirements. Regardless of whether you need a small food truck 3.5 m or a restaurant on wheels that is 11 m, we are able to create a trailer exactly as you dreamed of. Use the configurator to see our food trucks from every perspective and choose your color.

  • Summer 3.5m
  • Summer 4m
  • Summer 4.5m
  • Summer 5m
  • Summer 5.5m
  • Summer 6m
  • Summer 6.5m
  • Summer 7m
  • Summer 11m

Our products

Everything in one place. We design and manufacture solutions for mobile gastronomy.

Catering trailers of any size, beverage serving bikes and caravans. Our products are a combination of functionality and unique style. Tailored to your needs, they will make your customers love your dishes. With us, catering becomes mobile and profitable!

Catering trailers

Summer and Spring series. Trailer sizes up to 11m in length. Possibility to equip the trailer with the necessary equipment.

Catering bikes

Mobile beverage coffee serving centre. Taste and style wherever you are! Discover mobile gastronomy on 3 wheels.


Discover the freedom of travel with Shine Truck trailers! Ideal for those who value independence and comfort.