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Privacy Policy

1. The website you are on obtains information automatically only with the use of cookies.

2. Cookies are small files, usually text, sent by a web server and stored on the User's side, usually on the hard drive of the device with which the User visits the website. Cookies are mainly used to maintain the session, e.g. by creating and sending a temporary string of characters after logging in. However, they can be used in a wider scope by remembering any information, provided that it is possible to save them in a string of characters.

3. The entity placing cookies on the end device of the user visiting the website and having access to them is the website operator: IRON TRADING COMPANY, Magnoliowa 11b 73-110 Stargard Polska

4. Cookies placed on the website are used to:

a) remember the website User's visits and his preferences regarding the website, e.g. preferred language of the website. These files also allow for recognizing the device used by the User visiting the Website, which allows for its correct display.

b) obtaining statistics allowing to know the preferences of Users visiting the Website, they also allow to assess the popularity of the website.

c) logging in using the Website and maintaining the session after logging in, thanks to their use, the User does not have to log in on every subpage of the Website.

5. The website you are on uses two types of cookies, session and permanent. – session files are temporary, they exist until the User leaves the Website by closing the browser, leaving the Website or logging out. – permanent files exist until they are deleted by the Website User or for the time specified in the cookie file parameters.

6. In most cases, the software used to browse websites (web browser) allows cookies to be saved on the User's device by default. The Website User may at any time change the settings of the web browser in such a way as to block the use of cookies. Such a change can be made in the settings of the software used to view the Website (web browser). Detailed information on the settings of the web browser is available in its menu in the help tab or on the website of the manufacturer of the web browser with which the User browses the Website. Changes made to the settings in the User's web browser may affect the correct operation of the displayed website.

7. Cookies used by the Website (saved on the device used by the User while browsing the Website) may be made available to its partners or advertisers.